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Condor and Pachamama

Condor and Pachamama

condorsIncas thought that Condor was an immortal animal. They were not right, and unfortunately little remains today out of the love for nature that they meant. Incas are today a blurred memory used as a touristic attraction. And la Pachamama, Inca’s goddess of Mother Earth, is no more than a  label without any further meaning (such as Che Guevara).

Incas’ more direct descendants coexisting with condors are Andean shepherds. They consider condor an actual threat to their cattle. The solution the implement is to poison them. Even if they kill them because their animals might receive condor attacks,  they will kill them as scavenger birds. They don’t hunt them as it might be reasonable to think, but they poison their own animals so the condors will be poisoned later when eating those animals remains. In other words, they recognize that condors don’t hunt.

Condor al Paine

There are information programs in place to inform about this sad misunderstanding with very severe consequences for our Andean and global habitat. It is critical to stop killing condors if we want to exclude this species from the red list of endangered animals. Your help will be crucial if you share this information every time that you have the chance.

Nowadays, the condor is considered a Near Threatened or NT (Based on the Red List classification created by IUCN).

Immortal Code: Peru_017
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