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Mangroves are shrubs or small trees that grow in tropical or subtropical (within 30° north and south) coastal environments. Mangroves represent the transition between the freshwater and salty ocean water. In other latitudes, instead of mangroves, we can find tidal marshes.

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If you take a look to the picture, I am convinced that you will be amazed with mangroves. Beauty is certainly something important in our society. How many things are safe from us because they are pretty? And how many are simply not?

However, mangroves have importance not only because of its look. They are very important for local communities and the world population as well. Local communities are directly affected because of a number of reasons. Mangrove forest is a good  source of food so the destruction of mangroves represents a direct threat . Also, mangroves are a good protecting features from natural hazards and sea-level rise (due to climate change).

However, as I said, the world’s population is also at risk. Some species live exclusively on the mangroves (they are directly threatened) but many species of vertebrates (more information) live in the mangrove environment at some point in their life. Based on an article, 50% of the World’s mangroves were kept by the end of the  XX century, and only 25%was kept under moderate to good conditions. If we consider that 75% of the world’s eatable fish, lives at some point in their lives in mangroves, we can easily see how we are pushing ourself at risk, also outside the tropical areas.

What is causing devastation of mangroves?

  • Shrimp farming. the life of a Shrimp farm is up to 5 years before gets abandoned. After that, a devastated landscape will remain for the future.
  • Irresponsible tourism including coastal development and visitors
  • Agriculture
  • Charcoal and Lumber Industries
  • Pollution
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