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Rethinking National Parks (and other protected areas)

Harvour seals Did you know that we humans have a direct effect (I am generous and avoid the word “damage”) on 83% of the Earth’s surface? In the ocean, it is even worse and reached 100% (41% strongly affected). Although biodiversity contributes to human well-being in many ways, quantified in trillions of dollars, our appropriation of the planet has a perverse impact. The number of endangered species is enormous and, the critical point is that still grows.

An incredible journey

The stories about migrating animals are fascinating. However, today I only want to talk about one specific but extraordinary migration. I am referring to a journey over 4000 miles long, from Canada to Mexico. The traveler is a 4 inches wide and 0.01 ounces animal. Any guess? I’m talking about monarch butterflies.


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