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The Chocolate Factory

Pipelines in a Settlement in GreenlandThe magic of Greenland can be ruined if you walk along the coast around each major city or settlement and you find sewer pipes outflowing to the ocean. Locals call those spots the Chocolate Factory. It is much less yummy than it sounds. The difficulties to deal with wastewaters in Greenland are well known. There are only four types of waste waters collectors: Flush toilets (including house storage with vehicle hauling and Gravity sewer pipes) and Bucket toilets (Individual hauling and collective collection). As a matter of fact, the wastewaters including domestic and industrial are discharged directly into the

Rethinking National Parks (and other protected areas)

Harvour seals Did you know that we humans have a direct effect (I am generous and avoid the word “damage”) on 83% of the Earth’s surface? In the ocean, it is even worse and reached 100% (41% strongly affected). Although biodiversity contributes to human well-being in many ways, quantified in trillions of dollars, our appropriation of the planet has a perverse impact. The number of endangered species is enormous and, the critical point is that still grows.

Where’s the city I felt in love of?

What do Les Rambles in Barcelona, Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco or Tower Bridge in London have in common?


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