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Rethinking National Parks (and other protected areas)

Harvour seals Did you know that we humans have a direct effect (I am generous and avoid the word “damage”) on 83% of the Earth’s surface? In the ocean, it is even worse and reached 100% (41% strongly affected). Although biodiversity contributes to human well-being in many ways, quantified in trillions of dollars, our appropriation of the planet has a perverse impact. The number of endangered species is enormous and, the critical point is that still grows.

Urbanizing migration

Believe it or not, I thought that I was not an urban person even if I was born and raised at the metropolitan area of Barcelona. I realized not long ago of my urban understanding about the world; including not only cities but also rural areas or even wildness. I always saw rural life as an idyllic reality where humans and nature live in peace. However, idyllic is used most of the times for unreal situations, and so were my thoughts. In addition, I always thought cities as artificial places where people should run away from. Cities were part of the environmental problem called climate change. Today, I evolved my thoughts and here I don’t want to talk about cities as part of the problem but the solution.


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